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    Leo's Adventure Park in Weiterstadt starting from April 26th

    We are more than happy to announce the opening of our new Adventure Park: On April 26th, it’s happening! From then on, there will be a place for you and your children to enjoy lots of play, fun, and endless adventures with us! Pay attention – you now have the chance to win a party for 10 children in one of our six great party rooms.

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    Play and Movement at Leo's Adventure Park in Weiterstadt!

    A visit to Leo’s Adventure Park in Weiterstadt is an action-packed experience full of play and fun for children of all ages. On thousands of square meters of play area, you can run, jump, climb, and play. We believe that you can discover the joy of movement through play! And that’s exactly what children can do with us. Discover Leo’s leisure activities and sports camps or book a party. We have action-packed activities for every occasion! So what are you waiting for? Book your playtime and dive into adventure. We are open every day, all year round!

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    Prices at Leo's Adventure Park Weiterstadt

    A visit to Leo's is an action-packed outing for the whole family! Our prices vary depending on the adventure park, day, and time you want to visit us. We also have different prices depending on your child's age. Children under one year old get free admission, and for children between one and two years old, we have a discounted price. Visit our booking system to find out all the current prices for your adventure park!

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    Book a dream party at Leo's

    We'll make sure your child's dream party is unforgettable! Choose between different themes in our party rooms and we'll provide you with Capri Sun, popcorn and everything else from our popular party packages. And of course, the birthday child can also visit Leo's secret treasure trove, where a present is already waiting to be picked up. At the end of the party, each child receives a bag of Leo's sweets. In short: a real dream party!

    A calm moment in the middle of play and movement

    Energy needs to be recharged before, during and after playing. Be sure to visit our bistro, which offers a wide selection of meals, snacks and refreshing drinks. Here we present some of our extensive selection that you will find in our playcenters.

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