• Quench your thirst after all that playing and running around!

    Bistro Drinks

    If you need a break from all the fun, visit Leo’s Bistro. Here you’ll find a wide selection of meals and snacks suitable for both adults and children. Leo’s Bistro is carefully designed with the whole family in mind – plenty of space for baby carriages and, of course, free Wi-Fi. The area is located slightly away from the play area, creating a pleasant environment and a place to relax and recover. Here we present some of our extensive selection.


    Fruit and vegetables in liquid form – a perfect snack!

    Large selection of drinks

    Games, fun and adventure make you thirsty. Leo’s Bistro stocks a large selection of delicious drinks from well-known beverage manufacturers.

    Drinks 33/50 cl

    We have several options of refreshing and cooling drinks.


    Our refreshing slushies come in a variety of flavors and are popular with adults and children alike! We have several great cups to choose from.

    Are you looking for something else?

    We have many more options to choose from!