• Safety at Leo's playcenter

    At Leo’s, the safety of all guests is our top priority. We regularly carry out systematic and documented security checks and our staff follow clear routines for our security operations.

    Daily routines

    Every day we walk through the playcenter to check and document our attractions and play areas. We have a carefully designed process where every inspection of all attractions is logged using a QR reader. A fire safety officer is on site every day. There is also a shift leader who is responsible for ensuring that patrols of the playcenter are carried out. Every day we check

    • that all attractions are safe (documented via QR code).
    • that the evacuation routes inside and outside the park are clear.
    • that the emergency lighting is working.
    • that the exit signs are working.

    Weekly routines

    We check and document every week:

    • Thorough inspection of the play equipment
    • Cleanliness and functionality of the equipment

    Monthly routines

    We check and document every month:

    • Clear evacuation routes inside and outside
    • Lights and fluorescent tubes
    • Emergency lighting
    • Machines are intact and clean
    • Everything around the building is cleaned
    • Exit signs are intact and in place
    • Bandages/first aid materials are in place
    • Automatic fire alarm

    Quarterly routines

    A thorough inspection of the automatic fire alarm system is carried out every quarter.

    Annual routines

    Every year, we have an inspection carried out by an external, independent auditor who assesses safety in accordance with the EN1176 standard and helps us to identify, prevent and eliminate potential risks. We also check every year:

    • Function of the panic alarm connection
    • Manual fire extinguisher
    • Function of the burglar alarm system
    • Inspection of the fire alarm system
    • Accident training
    • Practical fire safety training with children

    Fire routines

    Our employees are trained in fire safety, i.e. they know how an evacuation should be carried out in the playcenter. A fire drill takes place once a year in all playcenters. The functionality of the fire alarm is tested regularly. We also carry out annual fire safety training where employees learn how to extinguish fires and evacuate the hall. We also have annual cardiopulmonary resuscitation training.