• Cleaning and hygiene at Leo's playcenter

    We know how important a clean and hygienic play environment is, and for us at Leo’s playcenter, cleaning and hygiene is a top priority. Our staff follow clear routines for our cleaning work, which takes place daily at opening and closing, weekly and monthly. This ensures that every surface, every piece of play equipment and every corner of our playcenter is in the best possible condition.

    Daily routines

    The playcenter is cleaned according to fixed routines, with each attraction being cleaned according to its specific conditions.

    At opening and continuously throughout the day:

    • Vacuuming all floors and open areas
    • Vacuuming the blue carpet in the playcenter
    • Picking up litter and balls in the common areas
    • Cleaning the party rooms and kitchens
    • Hand sanitizing stations
    • Hourly inspection of toilets and other facilities during the day
    • Inspection and cleaning of the catering area

    At closing time:

    • Vacuuming and mopping the bistro
    • Vacuuming and mopping the entrance areas
    • Thorough cleaning of the tables
    • Collecting garbage and balls in the play area
    • Cleaning the toilets
    • Cleaning the kitchen and crockery
    • Wiping down the surfaces at the front cash desk
    • Monitoring the rear cash desk and taking action if necessary
    • Disposal of garbage
    • Arrangement of furniture
    • Wiping down and cleaning/refilling the slush machines
    • Cleaning the party rooms and surrounding common areas

    Weekly routines

    All areas are cleaned according to a rotating cleaning schedule, in which specific maintenance and servicing instructions are given for each task.


    • Toddler area with surrounding areas
    • Bicycle track 1 and 2
    • Megaslide
    • Indoor area 1, 2, 3 and 4
    • slides
    • trampolines
    • Tire track
    • Pilates
    • Ball pools (including disinfection)
    • The ship


    • Entrance including checkout areas
    • Relaxation and breastfeeding room
    • Leo’s Shop
    • Kitchen
    • Scullery
    • Stairs and banisters
    • Warehouse
    • Staff areas
    • Cash desk, front and rear
    • Side rooms
    • High heights
    • Cleaning cupboard
    • Behind movable furniture
    • Toilets


    • Tray trolleys
    • Highchairs
    • Beverage coolers
    • Machines & air field hockey machines
    • Armchairs and sofas
    • Fans
    • Deep fryers

    Monthly routines

    Maintenance and thorough cleaning of:

    • Chips & popcorn machines
    • Chairs and tables
    • Refrigerators and freezers

    Thorough cleaning of:

    • Garbage room
    • Party rooms and party kitchens
    • Balls
    • Lego bricks
    • Pucks
    • Artificial plants and animals
    • Tunnels
    • Slides
    • Floor areas