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    Welcome to Leo's

    A playcenter for the whole family!

    Our aim is to create a playful environment where children can play, discover and develop – and of course create happy and memorable moments for families all over the world! Leo’s is a place where play takes center stage and where children can run, jump, climb and release their energy. Our passion is to inspire children to lead an active lifestyle through play and adventure and encourage them to get more movement.

    Where it all began

    It all started in 2006 with a simple vision – to create a meeting place where families can enjoy the joy of play and movement. It turned out to be the perfect formula, and today Leo’s, together with HopLop, is part of the Leo’s Group, with a total of 65 locations in the Nordic countries and Germany.

    We realize that a visit to a Leo’s playcenter can be so much more than just a fun day out. It can be a foundation for enjoyment of movement, a memory for life or a source of expectation and anticipation. Together with our dedicated team, we work every day to make children’s dreams come true and to get children moving.

    Leo's history

    For a better future

    At Leo’s we not only want to provide a fantastic play experience, but also contribute to a better future for children. We know that children today don’t get enough exercise and we are proud to show that movement can be fun and natural – a real asset! With exciting activities that encourage running, playing, climbing and mischief, we make sure that children get the movement they need.

    A playcenter for guests and employees

    Our values are at the heart of everything we do. We are a values-driven company that believes in being a role model and representing our values in everything we do. This runs throughout our company and is key to ensuring that both guests and employees feel comfortable and in good hands.

    Our goal at Leo’s playcenter is simple: we want to offer the best playland in the world for children and adults. We achieve this through our giant playscapes full of fun attractions, exceptional experiences with a focus on cleanliness, safety and service, and a fantastic team of dedicated staff ready to make every visit an unforgettable experience.

    Where to find us

    We have party rooms in various locations across the country where our fantastic staff are looking forward to welcoming you and your child.

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