• Suppliers, Press & Subsidiaries

    Contact at Leo's playcenter

    Supplier information & contact

    Leo’s Playcenter has annual contracts with all of our suppliers for equipment, food, candy and supplies. We use established advertising agencies for all advertising and promotional purchases. Purchasing is done exclusively through the head office. If you would like to contact us to offer a marketing service or collaboration, please email us at marknad@leoslekland.se. Other suppliers can contact us via leverantor@leoslekland.se.

    Press information & contact

    If you are a journalist and would like to contact us to make press inquiries or receive access to press materials, please send an email to press@leoslekland.se.

    Subsidiaries & Contact

    We are looking for premises/plots of land in the Nordic countries and Germany. Primarily, we would like to get in touch with property owners, municipalities or other parties who can offer premises of around 4000 m². Leo’s does not operate on a franchise basis, but all units are owned and operated by the company. If you have any questions about new facilities, please contact Robert Lexberg, Expansion Manager, at robert.lexberg@leoslekland.se.